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Years of experience and thousands of implementations make us a world leader in the design and construction of geotechnical works.

The quality of Menard's acceptance tests is also indicated as a role model. Why such a high rating? Acceptance testing is treated as seriously as every other phase of the investment. Conscientiously and reliably carried out, the testing is the key to the guarantee. Thinking of a solid guarantee, we do not mean only financial security but also the security of the entire investment process. Each of our projects defines the form and type of acceptance tests at the very beginning of the design process. Clear information, the ability to verify each nexus of the investment and the availability of the data – it is how we build our credibility. During our work, we use the most advanced measurement technologies, transmitting data by satellite communications to our designers, who – this distinguishes us – continuously monitor and verify design assumptions. The technology is developing at a very fast pace. As an international company, we have ongoing access to a world–class advanced equipment. Each of the units is equipped with several sensors monitoring key parameters of the construction, so we have constant control over the quality of the works performed. Prepared on the basis of these measurements, the final report gives the client the guarantee of the highest quality.

And a brief note at the end. Subsoil is not homogeneous. It can not be 100% tested in stride. Therefore, the ongoing monitoring of the soil protection state is so important and also verifying the effectiveness of the chosen solutions. Therefore, a standard adopted in the whole of the international construction group VINCI is the internal code of ethics, which obliges us to analyze any post–execution problems. We never leave our clients alone. Even if in the course of the investment occurs a problem which is not our fault, we help with solving it to the end. Thanks to this approach, we have a reputation of a reliable partner, which is the title that pleases us most.

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