Technologie budowlane stosowane przez Menard
Unstable or polluted ground does not pose any problem for us. On the contrary – they are our professional challenges. We strive to develop and promote our new technologies which ultimately save time, money and the least interfere with the natural environment. Above all, however, we rely on technologies – safe for both our employees and end-customers.
All the investor challenges we solve comprehensively. Our fundamental business is design and execution of construction contracts with our own funds and measures. However, as a part of the complexity of the offer, we also advise, assist in the selection and carrying out the research, optimize design, supervise geotechnical works, make warranty, prepare and implement recovery programs. We often offer over and aboves (eg. earthworks, reinforced concrete works, shoring support) that will help navigate tough contractors market.
As a result of ownership changes, Menard is a part of a specialized group of construction partnerships Soletanche-Freyssinet, which, in turn, is an important division (specialized in civil engineering) of Vinci Construction, one of the largest construction companies in the world. Vinci is a public-private partnership, listed on Paris stock exchange, with over 185 000 employees around the world and with revenues of almost 40 bilion euros.
The combination of Menard’s individual properties with the support of a foreign proprietor gives us a chance to make difficult challenges, providing a guarantee that the possible problems will be solved in a reliable and effective way. A decade now we have been an active participant in geotechnical and construction life in Poland – we promote effective technologies, participate in standards development, research works, cooperating with many universities in the field of geology, geotechnics and construction. We are a part of Polish Association of Special Foundations Contractors.
We hope to see you solving your even most challenging geotechnical task!

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