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Ground improvement

Menard company means a comprehensive solution for soil improvement, foundation engineering and remediation of contaminated soil and water from design to implementation. Menard Polska belongs to Soletanche Freyssinet group, which is a part of VINCI consortium.

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The experience of more than 20 industries

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Modern technologies for soil improvement

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Soil and Groundwater Remediation

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Project executions

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Occupational Health and Safety

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With each project under construction, we strive for efficient use of resources with the natural environment in mind. We use smaller quantity of materials, reduce CO2 emission.

The program of sustainable technology is implemented by all companies of our global capital group. How we implement it in practice?

  • Concrete columns CMC technology uses a specifically designed drill which stretches soil latrally so that there is no excavation output and need to reprocess it, which is particularly important in contaminated soils.
  • In stone and gravel columns we use ex-industrial such as slag, sinters, mining waste, demolition waste.
  • We always try to use materials and technologies, and also keep waste to a minimum to reduce negative impact on the environment.

What Makes us Different


We have dealt with geotechnics for years. We are a company with a long tradition, with thousands contracts successfully completed. We guarantee stable prices and reliable deadlines.

Innovative, specifically chosen solutions

Before starting work we conduct a detailed geotechnical investigation. After checking all possibilities we select the best geotechnical solutions enabling effective soil improvement. We make every effort to ensure that all the works we perform are not only safe but also safe for the environment. Our local divisions are scattered in 50 locations throughout the world.

Modern Technologies

Menard company puts a great emphasis on the reinvention of work. Each investment project we carry out is made in cost-effective and efficient way. We provide the highest quality of our services and implement new technologies in the field of soil improvement. On our building sites we use FEM method (Finite Element Method), accurate monitoring system, we conduct comprehensive and detailed field research and optimally use technologically advanced equipment and machinery.


Menaed Polska is a company operating throughout the country headquatered in Warsaw. The North Branch office is located in Gdańsk and Southern Branch in Cracow. Our company equipment base is in Pruszków. Menard has also two Regional Offices in Poznań, Szczecin and Wrocław.

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