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pic obiekty specjalistyczne

We specialize in soil improvement for the investments like:

  • power plants,
  • wind farms,
  • waste landfills,
  • locks,
  • airports,
  • seaports.

During the execution of geotechnical projects, we meet the global challenges of the future. We always bear in mind not only the effectiveness of the method of geotechnical design, but also its impact on the environment. That is why the technologies we use are frequently applied to construction projects like sewage treatment plants, wind farms, biomass tanks and many more facility constructions. Our strong point, apart from technology, is a team of designers. Along with the reasonable constructions of specialized facilities, their knowledge and experience are particularly valuable. We have completed several foundation projects for the elements of power plants, and several tens of projects for wind farm foundations. In each implementation we use advanced numerical methods that reflects how the construction actually works.

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In the case of the structures that generate heavy loads to the soil, the most often used technique of soil improvement are CMC columns. A carefully chosen column arrangement can optimize the reinforcement in the foundation and/or reduce its dimensions.

One of the characteristic types of specialized objects are landfills. In order to reduce their volume, we use dynamic replacement technologies, eg. MIC.

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