Small projects -
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Our strengths

  • The individual approach to the client, allowing us to design optimized solutions, tailored to the type of building structure, location, the availability of the plot and ground conditions;
  • Our inovativeness allows us to continuously improve existing solutions, transforming their ideas into profit for our clients;
  • A wide range of technologies which allows costs to be optimized in each project;
  • Superior design flexibility us to fit perfectly into the work schedule of our clients.

Menard Polska, as a professional designer and contractor, provides solutions that allow to meet the expectations of also small enterprises, including:

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individual clients planning to build a house,
icon red parking
smaller contractors, building roads, parking lots, halls, production halls,
icon red warehouse
investors building and expanding their manufacturing facilities, warehouses etc.

We design and implement solutions tailored to the needs of each client, with a varied range of technologies and variety of equipment that allow us to improve every ground, and be an alternative in terms of cost-efficiency and technology in relation to both typical soil replacement and indirect foundation.

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