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Menard Polska offers their services in the context of restoration of natural and functional values to the sites degraded by human activity. We conduct reclamation works of former mining areas, using our specialized geotechnical technologies. As a part of of the reclamation of the overburden mass dump after mining sulphur and glass sands deposits in the former sulphur mine “Piaseczno”, we completed slope stability works. In order to increase compaction of non-cohesive, groundwater saturated soils, we used microblasting technology MBB.

Overflowing landfills are more and more often a great problem in municipal waste disposal. The Menard Impact Compaction (MIC) technology improves waste compaction by 20 percent in comparison to conventional trash compaction methods. The MIC technology is a modification of popular Menard Dynamic Compaction implemented over 60 years ago by Menard Company. International experience gained at numerous landfills with different geotechnical conditions allowed the safe implementation and improvement of waste compaction parameters.
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An essential parameter in the construction of landfills for biodegradable waste is a degassing system. Landfill gas, commonly known as biogas, is the result of fermentation of organic compounds in landfills, and it is used for energy purposes or – flared. Menard Polska offers drilling of degasification wells, ensuring their proper work and safety of people, landfill, and the nearby buildings.


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