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Do you want your investment to have a solid foundation? Are you looking for an experienced partner in difficult and demanding geotechnical works? Do you want to have reliable information on the land you want to buy or a technology chosen by the designer, investor or one of the contractors?

With Menard experts you will find the most optimal solution that will reduce your costs and give a guarantee of safe, consistent with a pre-defined schedule investment.

Contrary to common belief, soil improvement is not a subject reserved exclusively for projects such as industrial buildings and warehouses with high load-bearing capacity per square meter, or motorways passing through the wetlands. Unfortunately, not everyone who deals with construction knows that due to the appropriate ground improvement, an investment can significantly accelerate, and at the same time it may gain in quality and stability. A financial issue is not insignificant: comprehensive approach to geotechnical issues can significantly raise the value of the plot, and also can help to avoid unexpected but painful expenses throughout the building process. It frequently turns out that it is much more profitable to buy another plot other than the planned one, due to the significant differences in costs of foundation, resulting from the geologic structure and topography.
Therefore, the key to success of the entire investment, and also its smooth operation in the future, is to choose the right partner, who can carry out the whole process – from geological investigation through the project, recommendation of the appropriate technologies to construction and provision of guarantee.

Projektowanie wzmocnienie

Menard is a reliable partner of:

  • geologists, whom we assist in collecting all the investment parameters, required for a thorough research, supporting them in their choices of methods and research equipment,
  • designers – giving them access to knowledge about the state-of-the-art technologies and to the team of specialists in geotechnics, so that the project can be prepared faster and more precisely,
  • large-scale investors – implementing solutions that helped to avoid multi-million loses, and also to improve quality and value of many investments, at cost lower than expected,
  • general contractors - as far as complex research and geotechnical investment solutions are concerned – we bring peace to your mind, becoming at the same time a guarantee of timeliness, without unplanned and cost-driving downtime during the construction process,
  • individual investors – we help to avoid unnecessary costs when building a house, giving it a solid foundation, so that the emerging building could actually serve many generations.
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