Projekt budowy mostów/wiaduktów - Menard
All types of bridge structures (bridges, viaducts, road viaducts, flyovers, footbridges) used to be developed on foundation indirectly. After converting capabilities for direct foundation in subsoil, a designer decided to apply indirect foundation. This was due to significant horizontal forces or otherwise, high strain, generated directly downwards by structures on weak soils. Currently, there are more and more structures founded directly on improved subsoil. This kind of solution is economically justified, and often does not require a change of a building permit. A whole range of technologies can be used for bridge foundations. However, some of them are particularly popular. These include: DSM columns (deep soil mixing), CMC columns (with transmission layer), DR columns (dynamic exchange), and our offer includes all the above.
Designers and Contractors particularly like DSM improvement technique.

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Another technique of soil improvement are CMC columns. Their construction under the foundations of bridge structures is often associated with the implementation of transmission layer, the purpose of which is to redistribute horizontal forces and the inclusion of ground to support the columns.

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