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We offer thoroughly thought out solutions. On the basis of detailed geotechnical soil investigation and analyses of the rearing structure we choose a technology best suited to ground conditions. W have implemented and improved many fresh methods of soil improvement and ways of solving geotechnical issues.

The chart presents the effectiveness of our solutions depending on the type of the rearing structure, ground, depth of soil improvement.

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CMC Columns

Fast-track execution, lack of excavated material, little subsidence are just some of the hallmarks of CMC among other column technologies.

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Compaction Grouting ISR

It involves pumping soil-cement injection into soil at the proper pressure.


Vibroflotation VF

First attempts with vibroflotation technology VF, also called vibro compaction method, took place in 1934.


Combined Columns MCC

MCC are often used as road embankment reinforcement as well as other infrastructure facility.


Impact Compaction MIC

In the municipal services, we often face the problem of overcrowded landfills.

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BMC Columns

The technology of soil improvement using BMC columns is carried out in several stages. The core of BMC column is made the same as the core of CMC.

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Jet Grouting JG Columns

This method can be used to improve plastic cohesive soils and loose sands of different fractions.


Dynamic Compaction DC

Dynamic consolidation method belongs to the group of technologies invented and implemented by Menard.

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Vertical Drains VD

Vertical drainage consists in installing prefabricated drains in the ground to accelerate consolidation of impervious grounds.


Precast Columns DRC

Advantages: the possibility of embedding columns at the angle, full quality control of of precast columns, speed of execution.


Susceptible Columns MSC

MSC columns, used to improve soil, belong to displacement technology, which means that during the process of column core moulding.

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DSM Columns

The idea of DSM is based on the concept of improving mechanical and strength properties of the ground by mixing them with binding medium.


Impulse Compaction RIC

RIC works well in all kinds of non-cohesive soils, particularly gravels and sands.

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Vacuum Consolidation MV

Vacuum consolidation MV method, developed and implemented in the late 80s of the last century by Menard company.

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Solidification comes from Scandinavia, where it is keenly applied on the grounds of particular ground conditions.


Concrete Columns CFA

Versatility, simplicity, high efficiency are the reasons why CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) columns are one of the most widely used foundation solutions.


Gravel Columns SC

Gravel columns are made using specially designed vibratory probe, mounted on hardware unit.


Dynamic Replacement DR

The simple idea of the method involves improving poor soil using high velocity impacts.


Micro-explosions MMB

As a result of explosive material in a short period of time, large amount of kinetic and heat energy rises.

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Najczęściej stosowana do wykonywanie przesłon przeciwfiltracyjnych, ale ostatnio znajduje również zastosowanie we wzmocnieniu gruntów słabych.

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