Geotechnical investigation -
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Experts from Menard and our cooperating partners are top-class specialists, designing geotechnical investment solutions of very diversified character.

We work with the best geologists who run geotechnical investigation all over Poland. We use their experience and knowledge of the most common problems of landform. And although there are never two identical investments, every time there is the same priceless factor – experience gained on construction sites and in the field of geotechnical works throughout the world. Each of our engineers and designers benefits from this international knowledge base at further investments. In that we can design the research projects, select the appropriate parameters and make geotechnical models adjusted to the object from the given category in a particular area. As experts in the field we advise what kind of research or investigation should be commissioned, in what amount, or – if you care about time and high quality – we can do it for you as a part of our scope of work.

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