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The quality of the implementation depends primarily on the quality of design.

This is the key to the success of the investment, but also to savings. However, to design very well, one should work on carefully examined and multilaterally verified parameters of the soil. What does this mean in practice?

The designers from our design offices often verify whether the data at our disposal is sufficient and real or whether new circumstances arose that should be included in the project. Efficiency of the reinforcement is verified on site for example by testing the stiffness of the soil reinforcement elements. Only with this approach, you can complete the project at the highest level.

Menard standards have been tested and appreciated in the domestic and the world markets. Regardless of the location and size of the investment, we use the latest programs dedicated to geotechnical work. What's more – because of the international reach of our company, we quickly implement the latest patents and solutions to improve efficiency and safety of our geotechnical works. We continuously monitor the state of the art in the world, offering our customers only what is best. Our designers constantly share their geotechnical knowledge with the engineering staff from other companies of the Vinci group - the world leader in the construction industry. We are aware that the geotechnical work is only a part of a larger process. We do not make works for the work alone, nor do we combine the most effective technology for the sake of technology, but to achieve the desired effect - the optimization of the entire construction process.

For us, geotechnics is a never ending adventure. We constantly improve our qualifications by taking part in seminars, conferences and training courses. But the biggest knowledge is gained from the challenges of our daily work and active participation in all stages of construction: conceptual, design and execution.

— Karolina Trybocka, Designer in Menard Polska.

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Our designers have access to advanced design tools that allow mapping the subsoil together with part of the building. Below you can find examples of our projects, which use 3D models reproducing objects of considerable size.

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