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Saving time and money of an investor, efficiency and safety of the investment process and clear and reliable warranty

– this is how we in Menard understand complexity and this is what singles us out.
Did you know, that 30 % of unnecessary investment costs can be avoided by good preparation of the geotechnical part of the construction process, covering the accurate study, optimal design, and detailed preparation of an implementation?

In Menard Polska we never look at only one section of the works, but we are executing it, looking at the well–being of the whole investment process. "I did my job and I do not care about the rest"– this is not our approach. We are available at every step of the geotechnical work – since the moment of inspiring an idea, through the study of the land, project preparation and the process of obtaining a construction permit to the investment execution and the warranty period. With this approach, at each section of the works it is possible to optimize the client's time and money. Many unnecessary costs and lost work time is avoided due to adequate planning, based upon out years of experience. We have gained our experience at both small and extremely complex geotechnical investments in the country and abroad. In short: together with the strengthening of the soil, we can perform a full range of earth and concrete works. As an example we may use our works such as: Galeria Warmińska in Olsztyn, the apartment building in Chojnice and cliff protection in Jastrzebia Gora. More examples can be found in the references section.

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