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“Health and safety on construction site”, “safe worker”, “secure the construction site" - these and many other slogans we associate with a long list of legalities resulting from Health and Safety regulations. How to reconcile them with increasingly tight deadlines at a construction site? Is it worth to spend the time maximizing the safety of their employees when the investor needs to maximize work efficiency?
Take advantage of proven solutions to improve the efficiency of your company. Many years of Menard’s international experience confirms that safety at construction work sites maximizes the efficiency of the entire project. Occupational Health and Safety is also the best investment in the development of the company. It reinforces the positive percepion of the company, but, most of all, it builds stable, effective and well motivated team which takes care of the safety of each employee.
“Safety first” – it is our main slogan. For Menard Polska and our partners it is not only well protected construction site, but also efficiency, economy and timeliness in one.


A letter from HSEQ Director, Menard World

Dear Sirs,

Menard as a company have found a route which is worth taking, worth investing, and that is you – the employees. Over the last seven years we as a company have started to develop an extremely positive attitude towards Health and Safety and overtime this will develop into our safety culture.

Occupational Health and Safety is not only about training, complying with rules and regulations, reacting to and reporting of incidents, it’s about understanding why we want to do this, why we choose this approach, simply because we value our people and we want to make sure everyone who comes to work for us returns home to their loved ones every day without injury or loss.

There are many things that have to be in place to make this work. The first important step is to be all on the same page, all of us must want a harm free working environment with which we all have a part to play to ensure this happens.

Home Safe is our new program that will be constantly developed as we grow together. In this initial step we want to focus on our number one priority, “your safety and the safety of your colleagues”.

The chosen logo is a dual symbol of work and home, our HSE Focus group collectively selected this design as we believe it can be related across the globe for all Menard companies regardless of the challenges we face in relation to language barriers.

Our families play an active part in Home Safe program - talk to your loved ones and help them understand that the industry we work in can be a hazardous one, how it only takes a split second for our minds to become distracted, as a result an unplanned and unwanted event can take place and unfold very quickly, communicate for sure but let’s agree the most appropriate time to do this.

The saying “safety never sleeps” is powerful, meaningful and concerns us all not only in the workplace but also in our private lives, in all aspects of our day to day lives safety is there, we just do not think of it like that, we do it without even thinking about it at times.


At Menard Group level we do not want to create one system fitting all with vast amounts of paperwork. The responsibility of ensuring Health and Safety is adequately managed in their respective business units in the countries where they operate lies with the Business Unit (BU).

Let us promote our Home Safe logo, let us show it outside, understand what the meaning behind it and please let us not be afraid to share it with others.

With your continued help and support I am certain that over time we, as Menard company, will have a global positive safety culture that becomes the norm.

Kind regards,

David L Maltman

HSEQ Director


Certificate ISO 45001:2018

Health and safety rules have a very high priority for us. Thanks to the joint action and commitment of the Management, all Employees and the OHS service, we have implemented a health and safety management system ISO 45001:2018.

Even the greatest knowledge of the rules relating to health and safety at the construction site does not guarantee success unless accompanied by a metodical yet simple implementation of safety procedures that can be understood by all employees. Thus, “safety culture” is required. How to create it? Are there any ready-made solutions that can be used? Who can help? Watch our videos which – with a hint of humor – shed light on the simplicity and effectiveness of the solutions used in Menard Polska.

Work safety does not come from nowhere. Watch a video on how the best ones prepare to work.

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We start our monthly management meetings with …Health and Safety regulations. What is boring for some people, for us is a source of effectiveness.

IMG 5272

The managers of all levels are the key links of safety at building site. We care about their knowledge of safety procedures.


One more half-serious video on Health and Safety. We collect, analyze and draw conclusions from potentially dangerous situations. See how we use this knowledge. All these and other measures.

All these and other measures we take are goal-focused and we pay special attention to detailed improvements as well as ensuring safe and and sanitary working conditions.


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