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Jakub Saloni, MSc BEng

Executive Board Member, Chief Executive Officer

First of all, an engineer and designer, Jakub Saloni graduated the Warsaw University of Technology. He started his professional career in geotechnics in 2000. Working with investors and French general contractors, carried out in difficult ground conditions throughout Poland, gave him the opportunity to get acquainted with first modern methods of soil improvement applied in Poland.

In 2004, he joined Soletanche – Freyssinet group, introducing modern geotechnical solutions in Poland. In 2007, he participated in forming an independent company Menard Polska, sectioned off the the business of Freyssinet partnership, assuming the position of the Chief Executive Officer. Since 2011 he has served on the board of directors.

He gained and developed an in-depth knowledge and expertise from leading authorities in the field of geotechnical engineering both in Poland and Europe. His experience includes the design and execution of over 200 geotechnical projects of varying complexity, executed in cooperation with research centres in Poland and abroad. He is enthusiastic about innovative and bold solutions. He also participated in implementing over 10 new technologies in subsoil improvement. He has unlimited construction license to design and manage construction works and the specialization in geoechnics in above mentioned fields. He also holds a building surveyor license in geotechnics, conferred by Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers.

In his personal life, Jakub Saloni is also action-oriented, which is reflected in his approach to sport, keeping fit and active leisure in the mountains, underwater, on the road, underground and even in his own house. He has already enthused his family and acquaintances with his approach.

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Norbert Kurek, PhD BEng

Commercial proxy, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Centre Branch Director

Norbert Kurek graduated the Gdańsk University of Technology in the field of Construction (specialization in Geotechnics). He also obtained his doctoral degree in Construction and completed a graduate internship at Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France. He completed his postgraduate studies in project management at Warsaw School of Economics and special studies in Geotechnics and Environmental Engineering at Gdańsk University of Technology. A graduate of the MBA program at the Warsaw School of Economics.

He began his professional career in geotechnics in 2004, as a member of Prof Zbigniew Sikora, PhD team. Since 2006, he worked in Soletanche Polska as a site engineer and then site manager in the execution department.

Since 2009, he ran the department of ground improvement, developing a company business strategy in this area as well as their position in the market. In 2011, he started working in Menard Polska, where he assumed the position of Deputy CEO and Centre Branch Director. In 2016 the Board appointed him an Authorized Representative in Menard Polska, which post he has held since then.
His professional work and scientific development are associated with geotechnical issues. The result of these activities involves 14 scientific and technical publications, of which he is an author or co-author, in both national and international journals.

In his personal life – Norbert Kurek is an active energetic enthusiast. He spends his spare time cycling or reading a good book (fantasy or scientific literature on management issues).

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Krystian Binder, MSc BEng

Commercial proxy, Northern Branch Director

He graduated the Gdańsk University of Technology, majoring in general civil engineering (specialization: hydraulic engineering). He completed his graduate internship at the Joseph Fourier University in the city of Grenoble, in France. He also graduated from Geotechnics and Environmental Engineering (special Studies program) at Gdańsk University of Technology.

He started his professional career in 2005 in Designing Office for Maritime Structures Co. Ltd. Projmors, and as an assistant designer he gained experience in naval facilities engineering in Poland and abroad. Since 2007 he has been associated with Menard Polska Sp. z o.o., initially worked as assistant designer, later as a designer and offers department manager. In 2010, working as a Chief Designer of subsoil improvement within the project of South Ring Road of Gdańsk, he created Menard Polska office in Gdańsk. Since 2012, he has been the North Branch Director.

Experience gained over the years in engineering and execution of specialized construction works, enabled him to obtain unlimited construction license to design and manage construction works. He is the author of 8 articles in national technology magazines.

He is a family person, who prefers spending his free time with a good book. Nice weather and wind are perfect for him to go kitesurfing in summer and snoboarding in winter time.

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Tomasz Warchał, Msc BEng

Commercial proxy, Southern Branch Director

In 2003 he graduated the Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, majoring in Building and Engineering Constructions. He wrote his master’s thesis, entitled Founding High Office Building Using Diaphragm Walls Technology, under the supervision of Prof Lech Wysokiński, PhD Eng.

In 2003 he started working as a specialist in Building Research Institute - Building Structures and Geotechnics Laboratory. Over the perfiod 2004-2008 he partipated in numerous commercial and research projects in geotechnics carried out by Building Research Institute: the Gillette Manufacturing Centre in Łódź, Della factory in Łódź, Glassworks in Niewiadów and the largest Energy investment in Poland – construction of 833 MW Power Unit, where for two years he supervised geotechnical works.

In 2008 he started working in Menard Polska as a Site Manager. In 2009 he assumed the position of Desing Department Manager in Menard Polska, and in 2011 he took the challenge of establishing Menard Polska subsidiary based in Kraków. Since 2013 he has also performed duties of Research and Development Manager, participating in the implementation of many innovative methods of subsoil improvement. He holds an unlimited construction license that allows him to design and manage construction works as well as he holds a geotechnical specialization in design.

In his personal life, Tomasz Warchał is a sailing and boating enthusiast, skiing, snowboarding and volleyball fan and a travel lover. He is also a volunteer in Special Olympics and retired judo competitor.

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