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Organizational structure of Menard Polska includes research and development (R&D) department. This department has a stable core personnel, but as our company is ”fundamentally innovative”, so all employees are involved in R&D activities. Below, we present information on R&D department activities.


MASS STABILIZATION. Currently, we can be proud of our new technology on the Polish market – that is mass stabilization. Preliminary works before the implementation consisted of gathering information on the design, execution as well as hardware aspects. The works were carried out by other Menard units all over the world. Currently, we are waiting for the first projects to be realized using this technology. More details can be found in under the Technology tab. Technologies.



TO MIX BETTER AND CHEAPER. Currently, emphasis is placed on the development of deep soil mixing technology. This is a relatively new and at the same time difficult technology. Research and theoretical discourse is conducted in the areas of design, construction and work inspection. Another important aspect is the hardware development, that is constantly exercised at our company. These actions are intended to maintain the high quality of DSM columns while optimizing the time of their formation (which is reflected in the price).



FEEL LIKE A PILE DRIVER RIG OPERATOR. An important element in the field of geotechnics is the interaction between the strengthening designer and the staff implementing the work. Test compartments and analysis of the quality of the constructed works are the bread and butter for our designers. One of the elements that build the relationship between the designer and the construction is the ability to track the parameters of "online" machines in real time. Currently, several hardware units Menard Polska is equipped with systems that enable the designer or expert to keep up with the work of the machine.



MONITORING MEANS CONSTANTLY LEARNING. Another activity conducted by the R&D department is geotechnical monitoring, implemented, among others, in two large road contracts, that is: construction of Expressway S19, road segment Świlcza – Kielanówek and the construction of Expressway S7 Task II – Nowy Dwór Gdański – Kazimierzowo. Within these investments are carried out:

  • inclinometric and piezometric monitoring,
  • measurements of subsidence of the embankments using profilometer,
  • measurements of stresses and strains in CMC columns/piles.

In addition, at other construction sites we perform load tests of the CMC column groups and gather extensometric measurements of the distribution of deformation (strength) along the side surface and the base of the column.

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HYDRAULIC VIBRATORS TO START. One of the most popular technologies in Poland is the technology of stone columns (SC). Currently, most of the implementations is performed using an electric vibrators, which is reflected in the technical specifications, created by designers. Menard Polska, as a result of R&D team and operating department activities, prepared hardware units enabled with hydraulic vibrators for forming stone columns. Currently in our country the stone columns are formed with several of our units equipped with such downhole vibrators. We believe that this change will allow the formation of stone columns with high quality at high efficiency which will result in an even better offer for the customer.


DEVELOPMENT OF QUALITY AND SAFETY. An important aspect of the soil strengthening works are examinations and surveys to measure and study the impact of the work on the environment. Concerned about the quality of concrete columns, on our own, we are able to carry load test (to determine characteristics: strength - subsidence) and continuity tests (using the study of acoustic waves, for example. PIT, PET, SIT). We also study the vibration in parts of neighboring squares sites.

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